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Season 1

Episode Number/Title

Original Airdate

Episode Description

1- 1


April 2, 99

Tommy is bitten by a werewolf while on a camping trip with some friends. Merton Dingle notices his werewolf ways and becomes Tommy's friend/sidekick

1- 2

The Bookmobile

April 9, 99

When a bookmobile comes to town, people begin missing because the lady who runs it turns them into books!

1- 3

Butch Comes to Shove

April 16, 99

Butch, the '50s bully from one of Hugo's educational films, steps out of the movie, sees Stacey, and decides to take her back into the film with him.

1- 4

Cat Woman

April 30, 99

A new French girl named Carole(KARE-oal) turns out to be a Cat Woman.

1- 5

Witch College

May 7, 99

A Sorority of witches tries to take Stacy in as their new pledge, Merton is trying to get a screenplay published, and Dean becomes a "foot model"

1- 6

The Pleasantville Strangler

May 14, 99

Tommy and Merton accidentally let out the spirit of an almost killer named The Pleasantville Strangler, and his spirit passes from body to body, like in "Fallen"

1- 7

Stage Fright

May 21, 99

Dean is sucked into a TV sitcom called "Chuckie's in Da House" by an insane cable guy named Santini who's against cable descramblers. Tommy and Merton have to save him before his show is cancelled.

1- 8

That Swamp Thing You Do

May 28, 99

Once upon a time, 1974, Marty was a biology teacher at Pleasantville High. But one day he fell into the toxic swamp. Twenty-five years later, he reappears as Swampie, the Swamp Thing, to reclaim his lost girlfriend. But first he has to stop her from marrying Hugo.

1- 9

Muffy the Werewolf Slayer

June 4, 99

A soulsucker is taking over Pleasantville, and Merton's new girlfriend turns out to be a Werewolf hunter...


Stalk Like an Egyptian

June 11, 99

The mummy of King Budelmhar is awakened when Merton reads the hieroglyphics on his sarcophagus. He hypnotizes Stacey to make her his queen. Merton tries some new hairstyles for senior picture day.



June 18, 99

Merton is visited by his hero, the David Hasselhoff loving, Professor Flugelhoff. He cures Tommy, but plans to use the wolf DNA to create an army of werewolves and take over the world. Meanwhile, the side-effect of Tommy's cure is DEATH!!!


Invisible Merton

June 25, 99

Merton's old rival, Alister, returns from Transylvania, and casts a spell on Merton, slowly turning him invisible


The Wolf Is Out There

July 2, 99

Tommy gains a few pounds from bingeing at the Hungry Bucket. An angry mob is after the werewolf. Merton joins the male cheerleading squad


Interview with a Werewolf

July 9, 99

Merton finds a girlfriend named Violet... and she ends up to be sucking the life out of him and making him old!


Fangs for the Memories

July 23, 99

Tommy gives blood for a blood drive, without realizing that whoever uses the blood turns them into Werewolves... so while Him and Merton go get the blood back, they confront three bad vampires!


Time and Again

July 30, 99

Merton aquires a watch that can take him back in time to fix his mistakes. But, everytime he uses it, he has to sell his intelligence, making him have the IQ of a 2 year old.


Big Bad Wolf

August 6, 99

Tommy has to stop his evil side after using an ancient Indian method to confront his dark side.


Scary Terri

August 13, 99

Tommy befreinds a weird girl named Terri, who turns out to have telekinesis.. like the classic Stephen King novel/movie Carrie.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

August 20, 99

The new substitute teacher, Mr. Dunleavy, turns out to be a werewolf, but he's an evil werewolf who has plans for eating Merton!


The Exor-Sis

August 27, 99

Becky gets posessed by her new locker, locker #666, and Merton throws a party to get more popularity.


Don't Fear the Reaper

September 3, 99

Death comes for Tommy after he deprives the Grim Reaper of a soul. Meanwhile, Merton directs the school play.


Game Over

September 24, 99

When Tommy and Merton play a video game too much, the main character comes out of the game for revenge! Also the final episode with Stacy.

Season 2

(Note: Episode Titles have been clairifyed by Danny Smith)

2- 1

Hello Nasty

Mar 18, 00

At a football game against Pleasantville Catholic, Tommy breaks a 61 year curse against a ghost football player of the Catholic school.... and the ghost isn't too happy! First episode with Lori.

2- 2

Frank Stein

Mar 25, 00

After Tommy and Merton win a Quiz Bowl, a mad scientist wants to use Merton's brain for his monster!

2- 3

Commie Dawkins

April 1, 00

Tommy and Merton find a wormhole and travel back to 1989 and meet their younger selves, but when they return, Pleasantville is communist! A commie slipped in the wormhole, and changed history! Can Tommy and Merton save the USA?

2- 4

The Girl Who Spied Wolf

April 8, 00

Evil Werewolves want Tommy to join their syndicate, and Lori finds out who the Pleasantville Werewolf is.

2- 5

Apocolypse Soon

April 15, 00

Tommy and Merton are fighting over who wants to go out with Lori, when an undefeated wrestler comes and challenges TNT to a match. The wrestler wins, and then Tommy, Merton, and Lori realize if he wins another match, it's the end of the world!


The Sandman Cometh

April 22, 00

The sandman is trying to make the world sleep forever by making them dig sand their sleep, but Tommy and Merton have a plan to stop him.


The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

May 06, 00

Tommy and Merton accidentally suck a demon hunter into a machine... and that demon hunter was there to stop a nerd named Lester from opening a portal that will mean the end of the world!


Imaginary Fiend

May 13, 00

During a Toy Drive, Merton's imaginary friend Vince comes back as a total psychopath!


101 Damnations

May 20, 00

The cute puppy that Tommy finds turns out to be a hell hound, and TnT starts an angry mob that searches for the werewolf.


Mind Over Merton

June 03, 00

Merton feels stupid after not getting into a genius club, so he creates a genius potion. But, it falls into TNT's hands, and they become super-intellegent and make a plan to catch Tommy!


Blame It On The Haim

June 10, 00

Corey Haim(The Lost Boys) comes to Pleasantville to make a movie, and Merton finds out he's really a vampire that wants to make Lori his vampire bride!


Pleased To Eat You

June 17, 00

Merton meets up with some spider people who fatten him up to eat him, and TNT wants Tommy to stop hanging out with Merton, so he can be homecoming king


Manchurian Werewolf pt 1

July 15, 00

The Syndicate returns to scramble Tommy's mind, in A Clockwork Orange style, and makes him bite Lori!


Manchu: Part Deux

July 22, 00

Lori is slowly turning into an evil werewolf from Tommy's bite, but can Merton and Tommy save her in time?


Mr. Roboto

July 29, 00

A cyborg experiment gone severly wrong is turning students in Pleasantville into Robotic Drones!


Rob: Zombie

August 5th, 00

Merton helps Lori wake her ex-boyfriend Rob from the dead from a scroll he bought through eBay, only to find out he wants to eat people's brains!


Fear and Loathing in Pleasantville

August 19th, 00

A phobiast comes to Pleasantville and feeds on people's fears, and will make everyone scared to death, unless Tommy, Merton, and Lori can overcome their fears and stop him.


Faltered States

August 26th, 00

Merton gets a job to have enough money to woo a goth girl, and the job turns him into a Primate. Lori and Tommy fight over Beck tickets.


Butch Is Back

September 2nd, 00

Butch, the bad boy from the 50s, returns to Pleasantville through a cheesy Sci-Fi movie Merton watched.


Voodoo Child

September 8th, 00 (during a mini marathon)

The new male nurse turns out to be a Voodoo Witch doctor, and makes Merton his appretince, until Merton tells Tommy about his apprenticing....


She Will, She Will Rock You

September 9th, 00

Merton tries to woo a girl, that turns out to be Medusa, and she can turn people/things to stone! When she figures out Tommy's a werewolf, she wants to be with him, and when Tommy goes to tell Merton and Lori, he finds them kissing, which makes him very angry with Merton. Then at the end, Merton gets turned to stone.. will he get back to normal? We will only find out next season! I must say this is most anticipated cliffhanger EVER!


A Clip Show: The Kiss Of Death

October 7th, 00

Merton is trying to win a song contest by writing a great song, when Tommy finds out that Death is back to get him. So Merton stalls Death and tries to get him to realise that he shouldn't take Tommy, by telling all of the good things Tommy has done.