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Victoria's Big Wolf on Campus page



Yes, Danny is dating Amiee!!!

8/13/02- right now, i'm working on transcripts and stuff. if you have any suggestions please e mail me. i appreciate it! and thank y'all soo much for leaving me messages and stuff. before vacation i almost decided to quit but after i saw the  messages y'all left me i'm inspired to make this site better. thank you! 

hi people i just got back from vacation! um there was a girl who said that she'd  help me with my page. but i lost her email!! damn. well, um if you see this please e mail me again!!! thanx

  if you havent heard, the guys of BW are in a movie that's coming out this summer!!! GO TO 

I Can't believe the witch called Lori a trollop. Trollop means a "Cheap Slut" in British English.

I work very hard on my page. Please dont take anything without permission. And please give me credit for my work. Oh Please dont take any sounds unless it's for your computer. Thanx.

 Big Wolf on Campus is my favorite show !!!  Oh, people, please sign my guest book so that I know you actually visit this page. 


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Changed pics- some pictures I added special effect to. Nothing rated R!  if you people thinks its cool please tell me in the guest book so I can make more.

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Episode Guide

Episode Transcripts 

-I have one ep. done. I really need help. please email me!!! 


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